Safe Care & Assistance Services & Programs – in Woodstock, IL

Sheltered Village offers several services and programs tailored to our residents needs to keep them healthy while offering them entertainment and training to attain the highest level  of independence possible.

Medical Care

Sheltered Village provides 24hr nursing care in addition to on site attendance by physicians and therapists.  We employ a Medical Director and a Primary Care Physician in addition to regular on site visits by Psychiatrists, Psychologists, ENT, Podiatrists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Occupational therapists, Optometrists and other services as residents require.  Nursing provides treatments as required including medication management, seizure management, respiratory treatment, gastrointestinal tube feeding, post acute rehabilitation and Hospice or Palliative care.

Active Treatment

All residents receive a complete evaluation upon entry and annually, or as needed due to skill changes, to determine deficits and develop programs to increase skill level.  These programs include but are not limited to activities of daily living, academic programs, hygiene, vocational training, community integration and life skills.  Residents are assigned a Qualified Intellectual Developmental Professional (QIDP) who is responsible for the development and implementation of the individuals program.  Guardians, family members and significant others are encouraged to participate in the development of these programs.

Developmental Training

Rail Enterprises id the Day Program component of DORR-Wood ltd that provides developmental Training for the Residents of Sheltered Village as well as Individuals from the community.  Rail has recently moved to a new location at 1575 W Lakeshore Drive Woodstock.  Our program now includes classroom training in Art, Computer Science, Sensory Room, Pre-vocational, Physical therapy and Craft room with 3D interactive games and activities.  Rail also has Client lounge, Movie screen, group activities and Nursing services.

Physical Therapy

Residents are evaluated upon entry, annually or as needed, by a licensed Physical Therapist to determine skill level and recommend therapy programs.  Programs are implemented by Restorative Nurses Assistants (RNA) as developed by the Physical Therapist.  We have an expanded Physical Therapy program to maintain our resident’s mobility and flexibility.  It is our belief that these programs maintain or increase the independent functioning of our residents and enhances their quality of life.

Community Integration

Sheltered Village employs ten (10) activity staff whose primary focus is to insure that our residents have fun.  They provide arts and crafts within the facility in addition to parties, dances, cook outs, ice cream socials and seasonal events.  We celebrate all the holidays as well as “talk like a pirate day” which has become an annual event.  The activity staff also accompanies residents to movies, restaurants, shopping and other events in the community. Residents may participate in NISRA (Northern Illinois Special Recreation Assoc.), that includes Special Olympics as well as Bulls, Cubs and Sox games.

Support Services

Sheltered Village has full time maintenance staff, housekeeping staff, laundry staff and dietary staff.  All meals are prepared by licensed cooks under the supervision of a licensed dietary manager.   Meals are served family style with direct care staff assisting those residents less capable   Residents meet on a regular basis to discuss meals and food preference within state guidelines and individual dietary restrictions.  Residents have an individual evaluation by a licensed Dietician to determine dietary needs, including food/drink consistency and health needs.  We provide our own transportation to all activities, outings and appointments, utilizing car, vans and wheel chair buses.

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